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Winning the First Hour of the Day

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Henry Ward Beecher said,“The first hour is the rudder of the day— the Golden Hour.”

This week, consider these questions:

  • What are you putting into your MIND the first hour? The news or the Scriptures?

  • What are you putting into your BODY the first hour? Yeah, that Pop-tart is pretty handy when running out the door, but how does it leave you feeling by 10am?

  • How are you getting your body moving the first hour of the day? Even 5-7 minutes of cardio exercise can greatly improve alertness, energy, and mood throughout the day. And it will help burn more calories.

  • Is your day happening TO YOU or are you going into your day with a PLAN? Often the first hour is won by winning the last hour of our work day. How does that happen? Taking five minutes to review your day and then write down your “Big Three” things that need to be addressed tomorrow. This gives your mind a chance to rest — the key to good sleep (see WW Tip#1) - and gives us momentum for our first hour of the day (purpose!).

  • What would a healthy morning routine look like? For those with families, consider how your routine can give you the time you need for devotions, exercise, journaling and planning — while also being sensitive to the needs of your wife and children. If at all possible, avoid technology (or at least put it in airplane mode if you use it for reading). Avoid the distractions of social media, email, and the web that distract you from centering your day on the Lord, your health, and goals for the day.

  • Consider even starting your day 30 minutes earlier. How could those thirty minutes invested, jumpstart your day on a healthy trajectory? As your time produces fruit in your life, consider adding an additional 30 minutes. This also gives your body time to adjust to a new sleep cycle.

If you have struggled with the first hour of your day, take heart….

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness. - Lamentations 3:22-23

There is a “divine discontent” that propels us to grow in faith, love and hope. View each day as a blank canvas that the Lord desires to fill throughout the day, beginning with the first hour. Some days will start slowly or off-track, by our choice or because of circumstances. On those days, invite the Lord to give you strength to make the most of tomorrow morning’s first hour— and see where the Lord takes you the rest of your day!

If this is an area you have felt discouraged and defeated, reach out! I would welcome the opportunity to encourage and help you.

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