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Why have a financial coach?

Working with a coach, in any domain of life, can be a big deal.  I get it.  

It can be hard for me to ask for help.  Why?  "I don't want to embarrass myself!"  That's pride talking.  

If I'm lost, I'll get to my destination much faster with a guide and good map!

So why consider having a financial coach?  Allow me to offer ten reasons:

  1. Information - what knowledge does someone else possess who is further along than you in your financial journey?

  2. Encouragement - managing money is full of ups and downs; a coach can keep you focused on important goals.

  3. Overcome Fears - what fears are real, which are imagined, and how can you tell the difference? A coach can help!

  4. Accountability - let’s face it, would you have done your homework in school without a due date? Yeah, me neither...

  5. Objectivity without bias - there is often a lot of emotion tied to our major financial and life decisions. A coach can give you insight with objectivity.

  6. Healthier relationships - friends and spouses can sometimes give valuable insights, but they can also grow frustrated when asked to help with things they don’t understand. A coach provides a safe place to explore and discover the BEST solutions, while also not straining important relationships.

  7. Prayer - prayer is powerful and effective. It’s critical to have a coach who will pray with you and for you!

  8. Added experience - a coach adds all of their collective experiences with finances and relationships into your life.

  9. Increased skills, confidence, and peace - ultimately a coach should help you grow by demonstrating the heart of a teacher.

  10. Measurable growth - are you achieving your financial goals? Not all growth can be measured, but with the help of a good coach, and applying the previous nine benefits, you should expect to see measurable growth.

If you or a friend would like help getting out of debt, learning how to budget, or any other financial dreams you'd love to conquer - it just takes three steps:

  1. Book a Consultation with me today;

  2. Create a plan together with my help;

  3. Walk the plan together!

Contact me today!

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